[Short Story] Light for the Sun PART II - Pena Malam

Picture Source : Pixabay

I know Surya is very shocked, I can see it in his eyes. The feelings of worry and fear were so clear to me. I'm grateful that at least there are still members of my family who care about me, although I honestly expected that look in my parents' eyes. "Light..." my sister mumbled softly, I glanced at her, I knew what she wanted to say. He wanted to hear my decision, and I didn't know what to do. "We have to go home Sis" I replied changing the topic. Sis Surya seemed to understand and support me to walk with him.

I decided to meet my parents, after much thought and this is my decision. I heard Surya's angry shout, ahh.. he loves me too much to have to oppose my parents' departure today. “Don't you love us anymore? It's okay if you don't love me, but at least you love Light, he's suffering now” he growled, my father furrowed his brows in surprise. "What do you mean Sun?" Sis Surya chuckled "this is the result if you are too busy with your own business" he said sarcastically "Light my sister has terminal brain cancer and she has to go through everything on her own now" he continued.

My father and mother looked very surprised, their eyes looked at Sis Surya with a look as if to say "don't joke because this is really a joke that is not funny". "See? Are you surprised? now what are you going to do? Are you going to let your child feel alone as usual?" asked Sis Surya flatly, they didn't say anything.

I walked slowly towards them who immediately looked away from the floor. "Light" my mother muttered under her breath as she fell into my arms. I closed my eyes deeply. Finally after so long, I can feel this hug again. "I'm sorry son" he sobbed, I smiled happily and hugged him back. "Honey, you need to be treated immediately, I don't want anything bad to happen to you" he said. I let go of my mother's arms and shook my head, startling the three people in front of me. “My decision has been made, I know my life will not be long, I realize that things are not going to go well, and I want things to go the way they should. I will not undergo chemo, I will leave everything to God” my mother cried even harder. now my father and brother can't hold back their tears either.

Ah it feels good to be back here, a place full of memories with the greatest friends. I can only stare at her, a beautiful blonde haired girl. "Lamp?" When I feel called, I mumble to answer. "Isn't the atmosphere here winning? Very calm and... Cozy. How is the weather as bright as I imagined?"

"That's right, very calm and comfortable, the blue sky decorated with incredible clouds, plus the green grass with a beautiful and kind angel beside me is perfect, I answered. We heard our crisp laughter, yes ... he thought I was joking but not completely like that.

"So how's your family? I'm sure Surya is the best brother in the world if you say he made you another cup cake" he said with leftover laughter, I nodded and started telling my daily life after few days without seeing him. Starting from the improvement in my family relationship and how sweet my older brother is.

I kept on babbling until I didn't realize the sun was starting to fall from its throne, it turned out to be enough for me to remember.

God if this is the time, take me immediately. I really can't stand the pain in my head anymore, I don't want to look in the mirror anymore, I don't know where my beautiful hair is so I look so scary. My body is like bone wrapped in skin, instead of wanting to be pitied, I just need to remind myself that my time is up. shhhhhhh" I groaned as I felt my head throb.

tap tap

I glanced at the mahogany door beside me.


There was a moment of silence before a full bass sound rang out.

Surya's resignation

"Can you come in?" I didn't answer, just nodded even though my sister couldn't see.

The door opened, revealing Surya's sturdy body and the petite body of a girl I knew very well, Mentari. "Brother will leave you two" he said before leaving.


"Come here Sun" I called as brightly as possible. "How are you? These few days.

"We rarely see each other I'm afraid something will happen to you".

I was silent, truly an angel without wings. Actually I wasn't feeling well, but now it's getting better The sun seemed to sigh, I smiled faintly and started chatting. I don't want him to worry anymore, I keep telling stories until the pain comes back and makes me wince.

That worried look really tormented me, I felt his hand that was holding mine turn cold. How worried is he? Really Sun stop this, you're going to make it harder for me to leave. "Are you still feeling dizzy?" I don't know how many times this question has been asked. "No, I just need a break" I said quietly.

I don't know if I should be grateful or not because he can't see my current state.

"Are you sure you'll be all right?" I sighed tiredly and immediately hugged him tightly "More than good, you can stay if you want" I said. "Sorry, it's not that I don't want to, but later there will be an event at the orphanage" there was a tone of regret there, I just kept quiet and tightened my arms. I honestly wish he could stay, I want to spend more time with him. It's okay, I will miss you Sun, I love you" I said which was returned with a warm hug.

Mentari's heart warmed when he heard the words of the orphanage mother, There is an eye donor for him. After a long period of patience, the girl would finally receive her gift. "Then when can I receive my new eyes ma'am?" asked Mentari enthusiastically. "Soon the person is really good, dear, he is willing to bear half the cost of the operation, it's amazing that Matahari is very happy, he just wants to fly.

And now here he was, closing his eyes enjoying the breeze. When his eyes opened, it was no longer darkness that could be seen, but the beauty of the garden that lay before him. More than he had always imagined, everything looked absolutely stunning and perfect. Only one thing was missing, his best friend.

The sun hadn't seen him in almost two weeks since we last saw him. Some say he is on vacation and Mentari is very happy, which means he is fine, especially with his family.


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