[Short Story] That Night - Pena Malam

-03.15 am


The sound of the alarm coming from my smartphone wakes me up from a good night's sleep. I fumbled sideways to reach for the phone and turn off the alarm, it's 3am. My eyes blinked for a moment before opening, I got out of bed and pressed the switch that made the light in my room that had been off turn on again.

With my consciousness not fully gathered, I stepped into the bathroom. I wash my face to get rid of the drowsiness that is hard to go away, I wipe my face with a towel before walking to get a glass of water. I saw my father, mother and sister who were still struggling with their dreams, I ignored them, I continued my activities.


I turned on the stove and immediately put a small pot on it, I filled it with water and put the noodles in it. I waited for the noodles and rice I had just cooked to cook. That night I intended to eat sahur and fast the next day, because as a woman in the month of Ramadan yesterday I was not full of fasting until it had to be replaced.

I immediately mix the spices with the cooked noodles and put the rice in it, I stir until smooth and eat until my stomach is full enough for tomorrow. After intending to fast I went back to my room, I opened a thick book that read STANDBY UN and I started reading. For some reason, after reading it for a long time, my eyes started to feel sleepy, but I don't care, I'm still reading to prepare for the Try Out tomorrow.

The clock doesn't stop ringing, it's already 04.50. I was still loyal to my book and pencil, the dawn call to prayer sounded, I was still moving with my book, until I didn't realize I was asleep on the book.

The sound of applause echoed in the field, once again SMA N 1 N*NGG*NG managed to win the match with a school that was no less great. The game is over, I get up from my seat and walk hand in hand with my two friends to go home, they are heard talking about the players who were quite impressive today. A friend approached me,

"Ris, let's go to school here," he asked, I raised an eyebrow and immediately shook my head saying "Oh no" while walking away from him with my other friends. I knew they were talking about my aloofness, but I didn't really care about their behavior.

That afternoon the weather was quite sunny, but I really felt very bored especially without my sister at home. I took my bike and took it to high school, where my little sister plays now.

I saw my sister playing basketball with her friends, I put down my bike and walked towards them. "De borrow dong" I said, my sister threw the ball at me and I even parried it until the ball was caught by a boy.

The boy approached me and gave his basketball, "if you can't don't play" he snapped, I raised my eyebrows surprised by his attitude. I gave the ball to my sister and I approached the boy who was currently sitting with his three female friends. "Eh, I don't get along with him, I'm Delon," he said, pointing to a beautiful girl in black sitting next to him. I can only nod "yes it fits, like Delon on tv, similar" I agreed, the man just smirked incoherently.

I almost forgot my main purpose of coming there, I wanted to learn cycling. I walked down every school hallway after saying goodbye to a group of kids I didn't know before, the more I walked towards the end of the hall, the darker and narrower the hallway became. I keep walking until I reach the end of the hall which only has a branch on the left, I follow that direction, there are stairs leading to the lower floor. Strangely, the stairs seemed to be cut off, because there were some stairs that weren't there so I had to jump when I wanted to go down.

I looked into the corner of the room which was not too wide and looked a bit dark, until my eyes caught a ladder that seemed to have been cut by a wall. Even more shocked but my curiosity vanished, I kept walking until I found a necklace or rather a prayer beads made of wood lying on the floor. I took a tasbih that looked interesting, I put it on and immediately turned around. But how surprised I was that the boy who was outside was now in front of me with a flashlight in his hand, I jumped in surprise "You surprised me, you know!" I was annoyed, "What are you doing here?" he asked "what are you doing here? I am here because my house is right next to the school," he replied. I was lazy to answer and instead left the boy in the opposite direction, I turned left. My heart was beating fast, a feeling of fear enveloped me when I saw the room so pitch black. I immediately took a thousand steps and walked out terrified, leaving a thousand questions in the child's mind.


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