Max von Pettenkofer's Experiment Drinking Cholera Bacteria


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    For hundreds of years, cholera has been a very deadly disease. At that time, scientists did not know the exact cause of cholera. Until finally, John Snow, a doctor from England, proved that cholera is transmitted from dirty water. He researched the London cholera epidemic in the 1850s, which concluded that it occurred when wastewater entered freshwater reserves. So that people who run out of water in their homes are forced to take contaminated water reserves.

   Apart from John Snow, other scientists such as Louis Pasteur also believed that bacteria in dirty water can cause disease. But unfortunately, there are still many people who drink water from rivers that have been contaminated with waste. This results in a very rapid and deadly spread of the disease. Until 1883, a German scientist, namely Robert Koch. Managed to find the bacteria that cause cholera. And this is the first step towards saving mankind.

   As for what is called cholera is a deadly disease that spreads quickly if a person drinks dirty water that contains cholera bacteria. Victims who suffer from cholera will experience diarrhea and vomiting. So that he will lose a lot of fluids in his body which will result in death if the patient does not drink clean water. Currently, medical drugs can cure cholera.
Max von Pettenkofer experiment

   When scientists estimate the source of cholera is dirty water. A German scientist named Max von Pettenkofer strongly objected to this. He believed that the source of his illness was bad air. She firmly believed in her opinion and was determined to prove Robert Koch wrong about cholera.

   What Max von Pettenkofer did to prove his point was to conduct dangerous experiments. In 1892, he experimented with drinking dirty water containing the cholera bacteria. He wanted to prove that bacteria do not cause disease. The first day after the experiment, nothing happened to him. On the third day she felt a little nauseous but who knows what happened in the following days she was healthy again and safe.

   No one knows how Max von Pettenkofer survived his experiments. But what happened next, he was booed by many people. He was deemed to have taken an insignificant risk, and no one took his words seriously anymore. He also died in 1901 of suicide.


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