Before Welcoming Victory Day (Sermon Material)

 Only a few days from the end of the month of Ramadan, many people are going back and forth. There are no questions in my mind, just words when will this end? when this will come to an end?

Before the day of thanksgiving and takbir comes, we must first finish the number of months of Ramadan until the end. So that the two words Eid and Fitri appear clear and contemporary. Let's fill in the numbers, finish from beginning to end. Do not reduce the number of days, unless there is an age such as illness or traveling, you cannot fast all day until the end.

Let us not be tempted by lust which results in redundancy. But we have to focus on the mindset, until our fast until the last day, before Eid comes? Remember that the congregation is present, Eid is not just a tradition as we think. But we have to reach Eid and get the blood and flesh in the soul flowing.

Unlike the Eid al-Fitr words, everyone will definitely feel it. Fasting or not fasting, even the disbelievers are infidels.

There was a song by Shaykh Shibli reported by the priest. Holidays are not just going to the crowd for prayer or dhikr. And not only happy, because they were waiting for the arrival of the sultan and amir. However, if we are on Allah's side, this holiday will make him a person who is glorified by Allah Almighty. Allah knows best.


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