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Definition of Productivity 

    In general, experts have not found agreement on what productivity is. Drs. Malayu S.P. Hasibuan, stated:
   "Productivity is the ratio between output (output) and input (input). If productivity increases, this is only possible with increased efficiency (time - material - labor) and labor systems, production techniques and increased skills of the workforce."
    A. Blunchor and E. Kapustin shared their views quoted by Drs. Muchdarsyah Sinungan, as follows:

   "Productivity is sometimes seen as the intensive use of conversion sources such as labor and machines that are precisely measured and actually show efficient performance."
   The International Labor Organization (ILO), states that productivity is the computational ratio between the amount produced and the amount of each source used during production.

   The 1983 National Productivity Council which is listed in the Productivity and Editing Management of J. Rivanto (1985; 19), explains how to measure productivity as follows:

   Labor productivity can be explained by the following formula:
   TK Productivity = Actual Result / Total Actual Working Days

   With the above understanding, conclusions can be drawn:
   "Productivity is the ratio between the number of outputs and the number of arithmetic inputs in a production."


    Additional, Reader's Word Productivity:
   "Productivity is the ratio between the number of outputs and the number of arithmetic inputs in a production." (Author)

   Productive does not mean always busy. Productive produces something. Busy people are not necessarily productive, sometimes people are busy focusing on something without knowing what they are producing. But productive people know what they do and earn. "(Rizka Awaliah / Student)

   "Productivity is anything done that produces results and has beneficial value." (Neng Illa / Student)
   "Productivity is one of the actions that can make us grow." (Herman / Student)
   "Productivity is a production business that requires resources to increase production power." (Euis / Student) 


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