Creepypasta 3rd edition "Take Me Home"


    A cleaning staff had just finished his job of mopping the hospital corridors that night. He decided to make coffee to get rid of the drowsiness that attacked him.

    It was cold tonight and the atmosphere was so quiet, the staff felt a call from nature and went to the toilet to finish their business. When he was done, he looked at himself in the mirror, smoothing out his hair and buttons on his uniform. In the large mirror he saw a girl in red standing behind the door, the staff confused because they had never seen anyone go into the toilet before.

    Slowly his face turned back, but all he found was an empty room that felt increasingly lonely.

    The staff looked back in the mirror, and the girl was still there. Staring at him with a piercing gaze, his face was pale with disheveled hair.

    Realizing something was wrong, the staff started to freak out. He lowered his head and began to wash his face. However, when he tried to straighten his back, it felt heavy. His eyes fell on the pair of legs hanging from his waist.

    His breath was heavy as he whispered, "Take me home..."


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