Collection of Creepypasta by Pena Malam


     Hi, friend

    Tonight I will take you to the mystery room with creepy sentences. Horror and mystery lovers must come here, let's check how much creepy pasta connoisseurs sound.

    But before that, I got to know scary pasta first. Creepypasta are horror-related legends or images that have been pasted and copied all over the Internet. These Internet entries are often paranormal stories to scare readers. These stories include stories of murder, suicide and others. The most famous ones include the creepypasta jeff the Killer, Ted the Caver, and Darling the Sweetheart (Source: Wikipedia)

    In this mystery edition of Penadiction I'm going to share some of my own original creepypasta. Come on, enjoy this mystery story

1. Beautiful
    "I touched the tiny nose and red lips. Ahh and her eyes always look beautiful, especially when I display them on my collection shelf."

2. Rain
    “I really like the rain, sometimes when I play in the rain, I'm lazy to wash my feet, leaving dirty marks on the floor. But, what makes me wonder if it doesn't rain today and I live alone. So whose footprints do I see? "

3. Calm Mother
    “I really love my mother, seeing her cry like this makes me sad. I want to hug him and say "calm ma'am, I'm already happy with me".

4. A Question
    "Dad always comes home late, for some reason he is always angry when I ask" why are you hanging on the wall of the house? "Is it wrong?"

Creepypasta 2nd ed..

1. Love you
    "I love you so much my dear, you almost refused my proposal. How can you? I have indeed prepared a beautiful ring for you. But now you will not refuse it anymore, especially now that your finger is mine."

2. Him
    "I'm afraid of the dark, but I'm more afraid of the red eyes that have been watching me since last night."

3. Bathtub
    "Soaking in the tub is fun, especially when the water is warm and red like now."

4. Elevator
    "Everyone complains about the elevator always jamming, I feel uncomfortable with them, I just don't like noise. Should I keep it with my girlfriend there too?"

    How do friends get goosebumps? Those who have requests for further updates can comment immediately.


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