Abu Bakr Ash - Siddiq Combats Those Who Are Reluctant to Pay Zakat

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    As we know, Abu Bakr was chosen by deliberation to reach consensus. And in his leadership he is known to be gentle and firm. His composure in solving problems is extraordinary and exemplary.

    After the Prophet died. Muslims are led by a noble friend, a substitute for the apostle when he was sick and became an imam in congregational prayers, the person who first spoke up and expressed his belief in the isra mi'raj incident of the prophet and companions promised by Allah heaven. He is Sayyidina Abu Bakar Ash-Siddiq. His full name, Abdullah bin Uthman bin Amir bin Amru bin Ka'ab bin Sa'ad bin Tayim bin Murrah bin Ka'ab bin Lu'ai, bin Ghalib bin Fihr bin Malik al - Qurasy al - Taimy. (See the book Siyar A 'lam al - Nubala, by al - Imam Syamsuddin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Utsman al - Dzahabi).

    In his descendants, Abu Bakr met the lineage of the Prophet for Murrah bin Ka'ab. Before converting to Islam his nickname was Abdul Ka'bah. But after converting to Islam Abu Bakr was called Abdullah. His sincerity to accompany the prophet's preaching was extraordinary. So that he has a special position in the eyes of the Prophet. He accompanied the prophet when he was in joy and sorrow. His sacrifice for Islam cannot be forgotten by history.

    In 11 H, he was appointed caliph to replace the Prophet Muhammad. leading the people. His duty of responsibility was huge, but he accepted it because of the trust people had in him. Starting from the incident in Saqifah Bani Sai'dah. When Abu Bakr suggested two figures, namely Umar bin Khattab and Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah to Muslims, fate chose him. Everyone present at Saqifah pledged allegiance to him, except for Sa'ad bin Ubadah.

    In his leadership, Abu Bakar Ash - Siddiq was challenged by the problems of the ummah at that time. One of the challenges is from people who are reluctant to pay zakat. They consider zakat only when the prophet sees it. still alive, whereas after the Prophet died they refused to pay zakat. Abu Bakr remembered the Prophet Muhammad. The prophet said, "I was ordered to fight against humans until they say," there is no god but Allah and Muhammad Rasulullah ", enforcing prayers and paying zakat. If they do that then they keep their blood and property from me except by the rights of Islam, and by calculations., they submit to Allah. "Abu Bakr also fought those who were reluctant to pay zakat until they wanted to pay. But it needs to be straightened out that fighting is not the same as killing. So don't imagine Abu Bakr killing all those who do not meet the criteria of the hadith, without justifiable reason, because maybe we could fight but not kill.

    Ibn Hajar emphasized, "in this context there is not a single history that shows Abu Bakr killed those who refused to pay zakat." It can be interpreted that Abu Bakr fought them not to kill but fighting here means forcing them to carry out the obligation of zakat. Allah knows best ...


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